Stuart Wilde Q&A: Worldly Things

Christopher James Wild

stu-working-london-newRepublished © Stuart Wilde – Question and answer sessions Part 4: Worldly Things

(Excerpts from question and answer sessions given by Stuart Wilde)

Does Spirituality Belong in Politics?

Q: I read in one of your books that you can’t divorce politics from spirituality. Can you explain this, Stuart?

A: The main part of our spirituality is to learn to love in a world that is intrinsically restricted and dominated by ego and fear. We have to express our spiritual journey in the context of a physical body that exists in a society, so it’s impossible to divorce politics from spirituality when politics impinges so dramatically on one’s freedom.

For example, a political system that is in cahoots with bankers and the multinationals will seek to write rules that sustain such an elitist association. The government is above the law, and the multinationals are beyond the law for they can take…

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Be The Social Feed Savant at Your Next Event

For whatever reason you are attending a professional conference, you’re probably going with some goals in mind – to get caught up on what’s going on in your field, to buy or sell a product, to meet with others in your field – and those goals require networking. If the event you’re attending has as an app for attendees to get to know each other and have your message reach a wide audience, you’re already at an advantage.

Many event apps come with a social feed that allows attendees to communicate more publicly than one-to-one messaging. While private, direct messaging is great if you know exactly who you need to talk to, a question or an information post on the social feed will reach a much larger audience and allow you to network with people that might not have been on your radar at the start of an event!

Of course, if you’re using a social feed, you need to follow the rules of social feed etiquette. While they are not so different than say, the guidelines you would follow while posting to your LinkedIn page, it’s important that you don’t overstep your bounds and become the social feed nuisance that everyone at the conference knows, and no one at the conference wants to deal with. Luckily, JUJAMA has made the do’s and don’ts of an event social feed very clear in this blog post, which will prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to networking at the next work-related conference you’re attending.